In order to gain an advantage in your online marketing, it’s vital that you make use of advanced software programs.  One of the most unique options on the market currently is SpyFu, which allows you to take advantage of several advanced applications.  You will find that this software suite is eminently suited to those who have advanced information needs, though even those who just want basic functionality can find benefits here, as well.

What does this program offer?  A SpyFu review will show you that you’ll find a wide range of different process that can be of immense benefit to you with this program.  In addition, the program is ideal for all manner of users, from affiliate marketers to those involved with high-end keyword research for Fortune 500 companies.

You will find that the program provides you with the ability to download your competitors’ AdWords ads, as well as their keywords and their PPC keywords (non-AdWords).  Why is this important?  Obviously, if you do not know what your competition is doing, then you will have no way to combat their initiatives.  This can lead directly to your own website falling lower and lower in terms of ratings.  It can also lead to your competing for keywords that you were unaware were in-demand.  Finally, you will be able to determine if there are any elements of your competitions’ campaigns that you can modify and put to your own use.

A SpyFu review will also highlight other aspects.  One of the most unique offerings from SpyFu is the ability to compare three different websites on a side-by-side basis.  This provides you with the opportunity to determine what areas of improvement exist for your website, as well as highlighting possible advantages that you have over the competition.

As you might imagine, this can be tremendously beneficial for your needs and can lead to increased success for your website.

Lastly, in addition to being able to download and compare everything that your competition has done, or even plans to do, you will find that SpyFu provides you with unlimited queries, unlike other keyword research tools that might limit you to only a handful.

If you are interested in obtaining a keyword research tool with incredible potential, plus the ability to export the various pieces of information into an Excel spreadsheet, then SpyFu is most certainly for you.  The fact that the program provides an immense amount of data is also a blessing for those advanced users who need to know every aspect of their competition.