Do you need to know more about your competition?  Actually, anyone engaged in online marketing needs in-depth information about their competitors.  How else will you know what keywords they are targeting?  How will you know what their PPC ads actually say?  In addition, how else can you target keywords that are shared between popular competitors and ensure that you are able to maximize your own success?  Spy Fu offers you the ability to do all of this and much more.  What can you do?

Have you ever wished you could compare your website to your competitors’ websites in order to determine just where to make improvements?  Have you ever wondered just how your website stacks up against those other sites online?  This program offers you the ability to do that – you can compare up to three different websites at the same time with Kombat.  This will ensure that you are able to maximize your online presence and make any needed changes in record time.

Through their unique Ad History feature, Spy Fu gives you the in-depth scoop on what your competitors have been up to for an entire year.  This allows you to locate ads that create the most conversions and have the lowest bid price.  You will also enjoy the Domain Ad History function, which shows you every change your competitors have made to their ad copy for an entire year.  What better way to maximize your success than by building on that of your competition?

In addition, this keyword research tools opportunities provides you with the ability to view your competitors’ value as ranked through PPC dollars spent, traffic generated through both organic and PPC search and much more.  Few other programs can match the functionality and performance of this offering and you will discover that there is simply no better way to ensure that you have the information that you need for success.

In short, the program lives up to its name, giving you the means to spy on your competition and build off their success, get the leg up on their new marketing initiatives and change their keywords to match your needs.  Obviously, this program is one of the most advanced options on the market and also provides an immense diversity of information – so much so that casual users might find it a bit daunting.  Advanced users, however, will rejoice at the increased information flow and better aggregation capabilities.