Competitive keyword analysis and research is nothing new to the world of online marketing.  You will find an incredible number of programs out there to help you achieve the results you need, but not all of these programs are created equal.  One of those that is a bit outside the “norm” is SEMRush.  This program offers you several capabilities that you will either not find with other programs, or will only find in a truncated format.

An SEMRush review will highlight several key facts.  One of the most unique features about SEMRush is the fact that you can use the free version without suffering any drawbacks.  Traditionally, the free version of a program is often crippled, truncated or otherwise not fully operational.  This is done to encourage you to purchase the “full” version, in order to enjoy full functionality.  SEMRush is very different.  If you opt to purchase the full version of this program, you will find that you gain access to some rather impressive additional features and functions, rather than being provided with standard options.

Another difference with SEMRush is the fact that it does not rely on a pre-compiled list of keywords.  It does not make use of its own keyword database at all.  Rather, it uses Google’s keyword research tools to compile keyword data for your use.  This ensures that you have access to the largest source of keywords, keyword performance information and more.  Of course, this does mean that if you want to research options that are not listed with Google, then this might not be the right program for your needs.

Just a few of the features found with SEMRush include the ability to identify competitors, make use of suggested keywords based on your competition, compare competitors to one another, or to your website and export data to your desired destination.  Making use of just one or two of these features certainly can ramp up your success in online marketing, but the full suite ensures that you have the tools you need to generate immense profitability for your PPC campaigns and websites.

SEMRush is one of the most innovative, powerful options on the market today for those who need to maximize their potential for success in the marketing industry.  A good SEMRush review will tell you that this program is ideal for use in conjunction with other software on the market, or it can be used on its own to an extent.  Online success has never been easier to achieve.