The first feeling, a webmaster has, when he look at the SEM Rush keyword research tool, is that this tool is much too much for him, too complicated and with so many options, which is useless. Second and deeper look into the program shows the real intention and the real tools you find inside, this is just a great help and guide for your SEO and PPC campaigns.

The Semrush keyword research tool

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The SEM Rush keyword research tool provides the information of over 40 million searched keywords and more than 20 million domains are updating the online stats. Together with the information from more than 20,000 registered users, this is one of the most helpful tools which a webmaster can use in order to enjoy:

1.    List of keywords from Google searches of any site. This will help you to figure out which are the main keyword the buyers are searching in order to purchase a keyword research tool for example and to fight for this keyword.

2.    Same list, for Google Ad Words, open the door to compete in the PPC campaigns, and to lower your competitors volume of traffic.

3.    Top related websites with organic and PPC traffic, the cost per each of the clicks and the potential revenue from Ad Sense on these sites. Very valuable theme in the SEM Rush keyword research tool which allows you to open new niches.

4.    Related Key Words assistance, for each of the niches you like to research. Which are the money making words, which of them are on high competition and which are open for you to make the extra income while buying low value clicks.

Read carefully the SEMRush review to get more information about the software and its benefits, like the opportunity for public API semrush tools.

Since the SEM Rush keyword research tool is updating from its users and searching the Keywords on common basis for the stats to be as updated as possible, you actually see the big picture of each and every one of the campaigns. It becomes easier to make money from your PPC campaigns and it’s become faster to use this knowledge to rank higher with the SEO websites.

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