The advantage using the Search engine keyword discovery tool is the collection of more than 200 search engines and the integrated information you get as a user, from them all. The long list makes the results as quality as possible and the lists as valuable as possible.

The database of keyword discovery system is separated from the search engines and since the information in it is unique to its users. There is not real mean to share this valuable information which is updated every day and used by thousands of subscribers. The information to the Search engine keyword discovery system is a result of over 38 billion searched that the system is doing and the result of comparing the results from the different search engines for the best of the reports. The more searches, the more keywords results to compare, the better the report is.

In addition to the searches for the English speakers market, Search engine keyword discovery knows to use the different main languages and make the right results for the dedicated markets. Search engines from the Netherlands, Japan, Australian, France, Belgium, Unites Kingdom, Czech Republic and others are part of the game and included in the results.

The main two players in the Search engine keyword discovery results are the Google As Wards keyword selector tool and Yahoo overture keyword selector, both are using the advanced optional languages and market focusing.

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The Search engines which are providing the information to the keyword discovery tool are important to the quality of the results and important for the long term lists. Most of the searched keywords are not new and they all have history of searches, information about the trends in the last months and years and history of results for the customers. This information is also calculated in the keywords lists you get from the keyword discovery tool.