One of the most powerful indicators of a program’s worth to Internet marketers is the amount of information stored within its database, as related to keyword research and rankings.  SEMRush is a relatively new program on the market that offers one of the most powerful and comprehensive databases anywhere, as well as a dramatic API that ensures you can automate your research.  What does the SEMRush API offer you?

In order to understand the benefits of the public API for SEMRush, you’ll need to know a bit more about what SEMRush provides.  First, the program shows the top 20 results for 30 million different keywords, accessed from more than 13 million different domain names.  The sheer amount of information available through this program is staggering.

You’ll find that you can tailor that research to fit your particular needs as well.  For instance, if you needed to research competitors, you could rank websites that shared specific keywords by their performance, as well as their keyword value through PPC clicks.  You could also research ad copy for the various PPC ads that lead to the domain in question.

Another benefit of this program is the fact that you can research potential competitors, as well as established competitors.  The program will show you any domain that might purchase keywords identical to or related to those that you list.  This ensures that you know what the future might hold, as well as how the land lies at the moment.

Of course, the sheer amount of information available can be quite daunting.  It would take an enormous amount of time to manually sort through the data available.  Therefore, the SEMRush API offers you the ability to export huge chunks of data to your preferred program, where it can be automatically sorted and aggregated, saving you tremendous amounts of time and effort.

Obviously, the public API of SEMRush is one of the most valuable aspects of this program.  Without the API, the program might be an interesting option with some potential, but thanks to the implementation of this interface, the program has become one of the must-have options on the market today.  With SEMRush, you’ll be able to rise to the top of your niche, enjoy all the benefits of PPC marketing and ensure that your keywords are as accurate, targeted and affordable as possible.  There’s no reason to “make do” with other options – find out why exporting through SEMRush’s API is the best way to ensure your success.