The best trending searches change almost every day. Battling to keep your trend in the limelight takes a lot of planning and strategies that can get your wits to its limit. But the best resource that you could ever get are the trending topics themselves. One of the long-standing and popular trends are the skin care and hair care topics. Cosmetics started booming huge in the online world in the later parts of 2015. Until today, the hype for cosmetics is still soaring and its market also continues to grow.

Cosmetics as one of the strongest markets today

The marketing for the best skin care brands and makeup products today depended on online promotions. Online makeup gurus helped entice people in using the products they are using and the marketing started from there. Makeup gurus even popularized trending challenges that are related to makeup and cosmetics.

One makeup guru posted a challenge to do a full face makeup with only the use of makeup highlighters. Highlighters are shimmery compacts that give the face a glowing look. Highlighters already existed ever since. But it was only made known to everyone by these internet personalities.

Another factor in makeup and skin care marketing is their use of celebrities. We all have a vague to rich idea on what contouring is all about. The process is highly popular that even those who don’t wear makeup knows about it. The marketing for it highly popular that it became a general idea. The Kardashians are one of the today’s most popular personalities. They are known for their trendy and defined makeup looks. Makeup brands actually used their name to promote contouring. This helped the brands promote their own products and now the market has specialized contouring kits that most people are going crazy about. This shows how the beauty care market successfully used trending topics to promote their products.

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