Understanding your options in keyword research tools is more than important.  While the right choice can ensure that you are able to create dynamic, profitable marketing campaigns, the wrong choice can lead to serious expenditures with little to no return on that investment.  How do you know what keyword research tool is the right one for your needs?  What program is best suited for you?  Keywordspy Pro is one of the best programs on the market, as evidenced by the fact that the program is used by companies like IBM, American Express and Toyota.

What does the professional version of Keywordspy offer you, over the other options on the market?  You’ll find that Pro brings considerable usability to the table, as well as increased functionality.  First, you will find that Pro offers three supported search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), as opposed to just Google with the base package.  This is of obvious benefit to any online marketer.

Next, Pro offers a daily limit of 5,000 queries, where the base package only features 2,000.  That’s a pretty significant upgrade and can play a major role in successful marketing.  With 500 + daily user specified keywords, you gain another significant advantage (the base packaged does not offer this feature at all).

Of course, the powerful PPC intelligence data aggregation is another plus.  This offers everything that the base package provides, with the additions benefits of landing page intelligence, keyword comparisons, keyword suggestions and competitor watch lists.  For organic intelligence, Pro offers an organic keyword overlap comparison feature, as well as real-time organic listings.

Pro also allows you to track major affiliate networks, like Clickbank, Commission Junction, TradeDoubler and PayDotCom, among many others.  The affiliate intelligence function allows you to trace any affiliate ID, as well as their keywords and advertising copy, search product IDs and perform an in-depth analysis of more than 300 different networks.  Tracking affiliate networks is an excellent way to engender better success for your own campaigns.

Finally, Keywordspy Pro provides you with the means to export your data to several programs, including plain text programs and Excel.  With a daily export limit of 75,000 words and a daily affiliate export limit of the same number, you’ll find tremendous advantages with this powerful program.  Of course, you’ll find additional benefits with the customizable alerts that allow you to be updated on new ad copy, new competitors and new competitor keywords, as well.