Taking advantage of keyword research tools is an essential part of being successful in online marketing.  While a considerable number of tools exist that might work for your needs, one innovative option stands out from the others.  Keywordspy Free is one of the most useful online tools for your needs and offers a wide range of benefits that can help ensure that you are able to achieve your goals.

Keywordspy Free is offered by the renowned Keywordspy Research company, the same company used by giants like IBM and Toyota.  As the name suggests, this program is free to use, even though it is technically called a “trial” version.  However, don’t let that moniker deceive you – according to the company, you can use the free trial for as long as you wish through their lifetime free trial option.  This is the best way to have the benefits of this vaunted software package and save some much needed cash, as well.

What will you find with the free trial?  Of course, you will find Keywordspy’s much talked-about keyword research functionality.  This allows you to locate new keywords for your product or service.  It also enables you to locate keywords used by your competitors, related keywords and keyword phrases and more.  In short, you’ll be able to locate any type of keyword that you need, a wide range of derivatives and what your competitors are doing with those keywords.

Next, you will find that Keywordspy Free also provides you with the means to locate, track and download the ad copy and related keywords used by your competitors.  Imagine being able to know what your competitors’ ads will say and being able to use this to your advantage – that’s a definite reality with this program.

Of course, the program also provides you with the means to test out keywords and ad copy before you implement them into your PPC campaigns.  Why is this important?  First, it removes an enormous amount of risk from your campaigns.  It also ensures that you are able to enjoy the highest ROI on your PPC campaigns by reducing the amount that you bid per keyword or phrase and ensuring that those you do choose are highly profitable and result in a high conversion ratio.

Taking advantage of this program is simple, thanks to the lifetime free trial.  However, if you desire even more functionality, a purchased membership is also highly recommended.