One of the best ways to exam each and every of the Keyword research tools is to look deeper into the Search they provide to the users, in the several levels. In Keyword discovery search you can find additional opportunities and wide view over your market.

Each keyword you search for, provide the statistics on the keyword itself and one the global related searches. In this case, if you look for hotels in New York City, as a manager of one of the big apple hotels, you get the number of searches for this keyword “new York hotels” and the related statistics on the related keywords such as “top hotels in New York city”, “cheap New York hotels”, “most recommended hotels in New York city” and others. The added value of the Keyword discovery is the industry related keywords you get in the search, which allows you to have wider idea’s and more optional traffic sources to your online business. This search provides related keywords to your market with none of the keywords you looked for. In this case for example you can find “four seasons” and “New York in 100 bucks” Keywords as related keywords to compete for, in order to get this traffic and to convert it into customers.

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In the Keyword discovery searches you can determine which of the following options you like to have in tour results: competitor’s keywords, matching the right phrase, spell mistakes, with and without spaces and more. All this options are made to make the Keyword discovery search to the best search with the best results for your business to provide the clearest view and information to use.