The need for better search marketing is something that any one engaged in PPC marketing or affiliate marketing understands.  Competitive intelligence tools offer you the means by which to expand your customer base and drive your campaigns to greater success.  However, what tools offer you the best access to this intelligence?  Where should you turn for the answers you need?  Ispionage is one of the hottest programs online right now, and offers you some significant advantages over other options.  What does an Ispionage promo code offer you?

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Ispionage provides you with the means to benchmark your campaign against others within your specific niche.  This allows you to determine what your best keywords and keyword phrases might be, as well as how successful your competitors are with their own campaigns.  Obviously, this is essential to your success – if you don’t know what your competitors are doing, you have no means by which to judge your own success (or lack thereof).

Ispionage also provides you with the means to monitor your ad performance (impression share).  This allows you to determine which ads are performing the best, as well as which ones should be eliminated or modified.  This will also tell you just how much traffic is not coming to your website, enabling you to make the required changes to your campaign and increase your market share dramatically.

Another considerable benefit offered by Ispionage is the fact that it allows you to uncover the secrets to your competitors’ success.  You can determine the targeted keywords they use, as well as viewing their ad copy.  You’ll also find that you can monitor you competitors for changes and performance, in order to determine when a particular element of their strategy was first put in place.

Obviously, Ispionage is a powerful keyword research tool for your needs – so powerful, in fact, that you can scare do without it.  However, how do you go about purchasing the program if you are a bit strapped for cash?  Capital is often in short supply and you need to ensure that you make the most of what you have.  While the monthly fee for Ispionage runs about $49 per month, with the right Ispionage promo code, you can gain access to the full program for just a single dollar per day over the course of seven days.

With the savings offered by using this promo code, you can begin giving your marketing the boost it needs to engender greater success.