The traffic that a website receives tells a lot about its popularity and effectiveness to promote a business. Same as a road without anyone passing on it, a website with no or less number of visitors is a dead one. There would be no person who could know and be moved what a company or individual offers if no one is dropping by to see and check on the goods posted. Thus, it’s a great concern for every webmaster and business owner on how to increase traffic that they are receiving for their sites.

You may found many advices from different sources on how to increase traffic you are receiving for your website. Upon checking on them and based on my experiences and other professional’s suggestions on how to collect a satisfying amount and right traffic which could lead to better sales conversion, I’ve listed 15 basic but essential steps that every website owner must do to increase traffic for their sites:

•    Write interesting content for your website. With nothing useful to say, a website does not give any reason for a visitor to check on it and visit it again. Interesting content moves a user to share it to others.

•    Make your site easy to use and navigate. Set-it up in a way that users won’t see that they are consuming much of their time to look for what they are searching for.

•    Consider your website’s loading time. It must save the time of your visitors; if not they will choose to look onto other websites.

•    Put attractive images, illustrations and graphics. It bores a visitor if your site does not incite imagination on their part. Balance your use of texts with other contents.

•    Craft appealing call to action buttons. If you’re wanting your visitors to continue on to other pages to do further actions such as order a product, organize it in a way that your users will notice and understand.

•    Set-up blog sites wherein you could make elaboration and further recommendations for your product.

•    Prepare contents to be published in press release sites.

•    Participate in Social Sharing networks such as Bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon and Delicious.

•    Sign up in Forums related on your niche.

•    Create a business page in top social media websites.

•    Be updated in happenings on your field of expertise and in the industry where your business belongs.

•    Connect with other people on your niche. You may do this through commenting on others’ blogs, like other businesses’ pages, react and offer answers and opinions in forums.

•    Have your site’s url be mentioned through offline means. You may participate in events, exhibits or indicating it into your business cards.

•    Use your employees’ networks. Let your website and business be mentioned in their social network accounts such as LinkedIn.

•    Buy traffic to boost your website’s popularity. Select a reputable and trusted traffic seller and check on the campaign package which would work best for you. Some packages to choose from are increases for your Alexa ranking, Targeted website traffic and increases of visitors for your site’s mobile version or application.

These are just simple ways which would not cost too much of your money and time but would definitely bring real results and strong foundation for your online venture. Apply these effective 15 ways on how to increase traffic for your website and you will surely see a remarkable impact on your business.