Most webmasters and the PPC managers around the world are looking to use and already using one of the offered keyword research tools. These tools are providing the additional information and tools to compete and track the main keywords and potential customers. Since each of the keyword research tools are not cheap to use and demand some time to learn how to use, there are free trials for the new users; the Free Key word discovery is available for all users.

Free Key word discovery gives the new user the ability to learn the system and the practice the use of it. There are two optional subscriptions to purchase from the Keyword discovery system, standard and professional; the Free Key word discovery addition is still good start.

In your free trial, you will have the access to the regional database, related searches, spell research and like search – the top 4 features of the keyword discovery searches and the main ones to get the clear view on the market you compete on. Unlike the high volume searches you can make in the paid subscriptions, in the Free Key word discovery the system, is basically limited for massive use. For example you will be able to place up to 50 searches a day and not 1,500 like the paid subscriptions; you cannot see the Yahoo daily bids and have no access to the domain research results.

In your Free Key word discovery registration you will be asked to provide few details about your markets and your industries, this information will help you in the free trial and ion the future long term use in the Keyword discovery research tool.

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