There are three SEO techniques that are still underrated up to this date. One of the many aspects overlooked by specialists is the importance of page titles and meta tags.

Page titles and meta tags

The main information that’s shown in the search results for user. This ‘data-about-data’ is also employed by search engines to understand and rank particular websites, keywords, and pages.

The page title is still one of the most crucial places to place SEO keywords and consistently ranks high in certain studies—but it’s often overlooked that it’s the main text that users see. The meta description underneath provides a summary of what the page is all about.

Why is it underutilized?

Page titles are often used in the wrong way, mainly because readers looking at the results are forgotten about for the benefit of search engines. For example, using the keyword Luckydino Casino alone but associating it with slot games in general.

This is either because the titles are packed with too many keywords and creates a text that barely makes sense, overlooking the fact that the page title’s the primary call to action for searchers, or because it offers and conveys unclear messages due to the extra keywords.

Length is of paramount importance as well. If the page title is lengthy, it might end up being cut by Google to make a sentence that ends abruptly and kills the message. This is a common occurrence in SEO. Meanwhile, page titles that fit are still the exception rather than the standard.

It’s clear that meta descriptions mainly provide detail for users, not search engines, but they are often composed poorly, too long, lacks information, forgetful, or simply left out entirely.

Improving page titles and the meta description

Here are a few tips to further improve page titles and meta descriptions:

  • Focus on your keywords
  • Choose a couple of the main keywords to add to the page title
  • Maintain longer and more investigative search queries
  • Try not to exceed the 60-character mark
  • Include key special offers or calls to action
  • Write an attractive meta description under 157 characters