There was a time when websites boast the number of visitors that, which was also one of the few aspects they focus on. While this is still an important component of SEO today, the amount of traffic you get does no longer bear the same importance as the amount of targeted traffic you gain. Targeted traffic means your viewers, visitors, or subscribers are people who are likely to employ your products or services.

Defining your targeted traffic

Let’s say you have a specific product you want to market to a certain community. How do you pinpoint your targeted traffic? Who are the people you want to reach out to the most?

For example, you want to promote how well your Lady Lucks mobile casino login works. People looking for quick and straightforward casino services can type casino gaming on a search engine for a number of reasons. Some just want to know about online casinos in general, while others are more specific to their needs.

In your case, your targeted traffic is the people looking for casino services that possess simple and easy login mechanics.

Emphasizing on casino players and interested bettors should be your first priority. These are the people you want to reach out to first, so your efforts should solely be dedicated to that aspect alone. A casino that attracts the attention of first-time and expert casino players is better off than a casino that captures a larger population but mixed with customers looking for online lottery per se.

Advantages of targeted traffic

  • Targeted traffic is more likely to spend money due to the fact that they are specifically looking for a website that houses what you offer.
  • Targeted traffic is more likely to save or bookmark your website.
  • They are more inclined towards the products or services that you offer. Even if the visitors you attract aren’t looking so buy or utilize specific services, the fact that you gain their interest and their time going to your page mean that you can effectively boost your SEO.
  • Targeted traffic will likely recommend your website to other interested parties. Such recommendations will inherently boost your traffic directly, and at the same time boost your SEO, which in turn amplifies your website traffic.