Improving keyword searching is another strategy that could deliver you better towards your more accurate results. For both beginner and experienced users, your goal is to select a handful of keywords that will lead you to the best site for your needs. Here are useful and effective tips for better searching.

Efficient & Accurate Search

Keyword searching is typically the first undertaking for any online search. One common mistake people often face is that they key in less than five keywords. Given that the Internet stores millions and millions of sites out there, the search results become diluted if you only punch in a few words.

For those who are unaware, normally search engines would return the results containing any of the keywords you provide in the search form, regardless of the order they appear. Additionally, Google, being an intelligent platform, would list the results in the order where pages consisting of most of your keywords, or pages that possess your keywords in close proximity will be shown earlier. Consider this an intelligent ranking for all results.

If you want to narrow down your search to access more relevant website, you have to extend the number of keywords to around 5 or 7 keywords; therefore, Google becomes clearer to what it is that you are searching for.

Exact Phrases

There are times where you can narrow down your search by simply telling the engine to search websites with the exact order of the words. For example, if you want to look for a specific quote, then you can put it in between quotation marks so the search engine looks for the sites with the exact same phrasing. However, it is important to take note that search engines are capable of classifying the results in a ranked order in accordance with how close the words are.

Other times may require you to use a combination of keywords and exact phrases to further enhance your search. For example, you might want to look for pages that exhibit BGO Casino review pages. Rather than using three separate keywords, you can type in more specific searches like ‘BGO casino’ review to get more concentrated results.

‘BGO; is an inseparable element, which guarantees that all sites listed must have the exact brand phrasing. Ultimately, this is more useful than searching individually.

Search Within Websites

There are times when you know there is only one site which you need to search for something you’re looking for, but tendencies are the site has a weak search function or confusing results. In these cases, Google proves to be useful as it allows you to concentrate all searches within one site, as long as the site is indexed by the search engine.

All you have to do to perform this is to input the search query into the Google search bar with the domain name. Google will then sort the results only from the site you typed in. Note that the site must be typed before the domain name.