How do you employ your keywords? If you think that these are merely elements to optimize your website for search, then you’re missing out on plenty of ways to seize visibility amongst your target market/audiences.

Site Optimization

Keep in mind that a solid background in SEO is of paramount importance to make the most out of your keywords. Here are some of the essential locations that you should use your target keyword phrase on each page of your website that you would like to improve on:

  • In the SEO title tag of your page or the main title of the page in case your CMS does not support customizable SEO fields. This is a must for on-page optimization of a specific keyword.
  • In certain areas throughout the page’s content. Take note that the keywords should be placed strategically for them to look natural.
  • In the meta description of your page. Although this may not count for optimization purposes, the search engine will highlight this when someone sees your site in the search results for that particular keyword.
  • In the first paragraph on the page.


If you are composing content for blog posts, classified ads, .pdf files, videos, etc., in order to acquire more visibility in search, then you’ll want to develop content that’s based on keyword phrases users search for. There are two avenues that you can take.

First, you can generate pieces of content focused on your readers. Once finished, you can go back, look for the keyword phrases that work best for the write-up, and optimize the content accordingly using certain web page optimization strategies.

Second, you can conduct keyword research for your industry, pinpoint potential content, and use those as a template for your topic ideas. For example, if Winner Casino download is your keyword, the content should tackle the different aspects, processes, and features that revolve around the subject of download and online casinos.

Brand Significance

Do you want to establish a strong brand for yourself or for your business? If so, you need to focus on one keyword phrase that summarizes your central offering—be it services or products—and make sure it’s what you employ at all times. This can greatly support your brand or business with what you want your audience or potential customers know you for. When individuals inquire what your business is all about, you’ll have a concrete answer, taking away uncertainties.

Take Advantage of Social Media Sites

In addition to profiles and pages, your social media updates can also be optimized with keywords. While most of the improvements will be relevant to social research within each respective channel, optimizing keywords on social updates can be tracked by Google; hence, improving exposure.

Guest Post Opportunity Discovery

Guest posting for SEO through low-quality content may not be patronized nowadays, but guest posting with high-quality material for the ultimate purpose of earning more exposure is not. With this in mind, you don’t want to make use of keywords for an over-optimized anchor text link in your bio. However, you’ll want to exercise keywords to find the best opening for guest posting.